Active Listening Skills

Improve relationships with your colleagues and clients through more effective listening and online practice.

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Course overview


CPD Accredited

20 online lessons

Digital certificate

Listening practice

1.5 hours of learning

Course outcomes

Understand the importance of active listening and practice your skills in online exercises

Learn how to recall details and pick up on subtle cues

Adopt a listening mindset and stop yourself from interrupting

Build effective listening behaviors, from nonverbal cues to making people feel heard

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Active listening

Active listening is what makes someone a truly gifted communicator. It can help you succeed in your job, make good impressions on your colleagues, and help you become a great leader.

Despite what many people think, listening is a skill that can be taught. This course covers topics to make you a great listener, including how to understand subtle cues, keep an open mind while listening and see the bigger picture of what's being said.

Active listening skills are so important in the workplace and our personal lives because they build trust with the speaker and lead to more successful conversations.

Active listening practice

Improve with practice

This course is designed to improve your active listening skills.

For maximum learning, this includes online exercises in which you can practice a variety of listening skills.

Become an effective listener

This blended course is made up of three key parts to accelerate your learning:

Learn online courses

Online classes

Learn fundamental techniques and strategies for active listening through articles, example videos, and analysis.

Practice in exercises

Listening practice

After completing the classes, practice your active listening in online exercises and practice scenarios.

Improve with feedback


After you practice your listening skills, you will either take a quiz to test your listening or self-evaluate.

Course content

  • A short introduction to the course and online exercises.
  • Overview
  • Various examples and online exercises to practice effective listening.
  • Practice overview
  • Recalling the details
  • Understanding the bigger picture
  • Understanding subtle cues
  • Why is effective listening so hard? A look at this and how to develop a listening mindset, as well as how to stop yourself interrupting others.
  • Why do we have a hard time listening?
  • Signs you are not listening
  • When you are not being listened to
  • Adopting a listening mindset
  • Setting the stage for high-stakes conversations
  • How to stop yourself from interrupting
  • Effective listening behaviors that will help you in the workplace and in your personal life.
  • Overview of effective listening behaviors
  • Clarify your role
  • Use nonverbal cues
  • Make people feel heard

Listening practice

Practice your active listening skills in a variety of online exercises. There are 8 exercises in this course, which allow you to practice 3 key themes:

  • Recalling the details
  • Understanding the bigger picture
  • Understanding subtle cues

These practice exercises include quizzes to test your listening abilities, as well as self-assessment.

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