Do You Know How to Make the Complex Sale become Simple for Greater B2B Sales Results?

Learn How to Succeed in Business to Business Selling

Learn the Basics of the Game Changers for B2B Selling and Increase Your Sales Results

Very successful traditionally trained and experienced sales people have moved into the world of Business to Business selling and have failed. Why do they fail?

Because they did not understand the differences between Traditional Selling and Business to Business (B2B Sales) selling. Traditional sales training originated in 1925 when features and benefits selling and related techniques first began. The B2B side of selling has changed a lot due to the complexity of multiple buyers and decision makers.

So How do you know if you need to learn the Basics of B2B Sales? It is simple – Can You Answer these Questions correctly?

  • Do You Know What to do When Selling to a Team, Committee or Group of Decision Makers?
  • Do You Know Who You Need Face to Face Meetings with a the Prospect Company? (Purchasing Agent is Not the Right Answer)
  • What Types of Questions are Useful to both the Sales Person and the Prospect?
  • What is ROI and How does it help You get a Sale?
  • Are You Using the Power of Consultative Selling to Help You Win more Accounts?
  • How do You Keep a Positive Mindset during the Lengthy Sales Processes of Major Accounts?

B2BGraphic600Today, business to business selling is about using strategy and knowledge about the customer or prospect more than your product. They don’t care about your product, they care about solving their problems or reaching their goals and objectives.

The key to your b2b sales success is knowing how to position your solution to solve their issue. In other words, Strategy + Techniques + Knowledge = B2B Sales Success. The thinking side of sales wins in the world of business sales.

So our goal is to give you the basics of what it takes to be a sales winner with business customers.

By the way, this is not a session for retail sales or personal one on one sales. This is for the sales professionals who sell to businesses – retail companies, service companies, professional services, distribution companies or manufacturing companies.

The Sales People who will Benefit from this Basic B2B Sales overview program are…

  • New Business to Business (B2B Sales) Sales People
  • Experienced Sales People Who Sold Direct to Consumers / Decision Makers
  • Current B2B Sales who Know Something is Wrong with their Sales Results and Want to Improve Their Sales Results
  • Non-Sales Executive and Managers Who Know Something is Broke with their Current Sales Strategy
  • Small Business Owners who sell to other Businesses – both Large and Small. (Hint: Your Survival Depends upon Sales Success)

You get an understanding of key knowledge and information for making you successful in the world of Business to Business Selling.

Five Modules to Your Basic B2B Sales
  • Business to Business Selling. Selling successfully to businesses requires seven keys changes in your strategy and You get the seven “C’s” showing you the pathway to B2B Sales Success,
  • Four Keys to  Selling Strategically. You get several key questions to use for targeting accounts and four ways to concentrate and focus your selling efforts.
  • Consultative Selling Techniques.  Introduces you to the most important concept of Business to Business selling – the Consulting Selling process.
  • ROI Selling. Shows you How to effectively sell to the top “C Level” buyers, who make decisions based upon the return on investment principle – which you need to master to be successful selling to top level people.
  • Pathways to Personal Progress. Twelve ways to affect the direction of your life – professionally and personally. Introduces the concept of lifelong growth and development – continuous learning at its best.
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