Basic Sales Training Online Introduction

Welcome to Basic Sales Training Online.

After getting many requests from out clients for a comprehensive and basic sales training and development process, we decided to listen to our clients. Thus, we are offering Brian Tracy’s New Psychology of Selling video based training over the internet.

We are structuring the course – just like we did with our face to face training – so you will get the entire process over a period of time (your option as to how fast or slow you proceed.) Homework and exercises follow each video module.

Get ready to sell more than you thought possible – Professional Sales Training Made Easy.

Choose from any of the three options…

  1. Fast Track Basic Sales Training – for those of you who have to get up to speed with sales in a hurry. This fast paced and high quality development fits the purpose of making the transition to sales simple and successful.
  2. Basic B2B Sales – for the sales person transitioning from selling to consumer to selling to business. While the selling techniques are similar the need for a more thoughtful method or systematic sales process is necessary for business to business selling. This is not a deep dive attempt to train you in all the b2b sales strategies – it is designed to show you the new pathway to b2b sales success. It is the thinking side of sales that win accounts in the world of b2b selling.
  3. Basic Sales Course – this is a comprehensive A to Z sales course given over a six week process. Designed for you to internalize the sales techniques and tactics to fit your industry, market and products/services. In depth and deep dive to becoming a successful sales person. Work manuals are supplied with extensive application of the material presented. For adult learners, this step by step process ensures the internalize of the material without the fear of overwhelm or complexity with too much information at once.

Okay, so review the above list and pick the one process you feel you need to be successful in your current situation. Enjoy your success beginning now.

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