Practice your Body Language

Practice your posture, hand gestures, eye contact, and more in this VR body language exercise.


Your posture, hand gestures, and eye contact convey meaning and affect the message you are trying to convey to the audience.

These elements of body language can help you make a powerful first impression, build authentic relationships, and influence and persuade people.

This practice exercise will teach you how to use body language in various settings and give you feedback on your performance. In some scenarios, you'll deliver a presentation and self-evaluate; in others, you'll be given tips for success.

By fully immersing yourself in the practice exercises, you will:

  • Improve your hand gestures, posture, positioning, and appearance
  • Develop your eye contact in a range of settings
  • Learn how to reduce nerves before a presentation
  • Learn how to open up your body and answer questions


The body language exercises can be accessed from your VR headset.

Virtual Reality


Gestures, posture and appearance

Gestures, posture and appearance

Improve your hand gestures, posture, positioning, and appearance in VR by self-evaluating your presentation.

Answering questions

Answering questions

Learn how to open up for questions and encourage them from the audience, as well as how to answer them.

Eye contact

Eye contact

Develop your eye contact in a range of settings, from large conference rooms to smaller meeting rooms.

Breathing exercise

Breathing exercises

Reduce your nerves and heart rate before a presentation with these simple breathing exercises.

Watch yourself presenting

Watch yourself presenting

Deliver a presentation and then watch yourself back to self-evaluate your body language.

Topics covered

Body Language Hand Gestures Posture and Appearance Eye Contact

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