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Course overview


CPD Accredited

23 online lessons

Digital certificate

Writing analyzer

1.5 hours of learning

Course outcomes

Appreciate what good business writing consists of

Understand your target audience more

Plan written communications better

Create purposeful writing

Choose appropriate formats and styles

Use writing checks and measures

Find more ways to further improve your business writing

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The ability to write clearly, confidently, and concisely is a sought-after skill in many workplaces. Nearly all professions require some form of written communication as part of the job, whether it’s writing an email to a client, persuading your colleagues of a new idea, or giving a project update.

However, many people have poor writing skills, which prevents them from getting their message across. Given the right training though, you can persuade, influence, and engage people with written communication.

This course will help you produce clear, concise, and well-structured written communications. Remember that creating a good first impression through your written work is just as important as creating a good first impression in person.

Throughout the course, you can practice your written communication skills and get feedback on them from the online evaluation tool, which grades your writing on a range of criteria.

Improve your business writing

This blended course is made up of three key parts to accelerate your learning:

Learn online courses

Online classes

Learn how to communicate clearly and concisely through expert articles, example videos, and analysis.

Practice in a writing analyzer

Writing analyzer

Throughout the classes, practice your writing skills with an online analyzer tool.

Improve with feedback


Every time you use the evaluation tool, you'll receive instant feedback on your writing.

Course content

  • An introduction to the course and how you can practice what you learn in the online classes with the writing evaluation tool.
  • When you start planning what to write, you need to understand your audience in order to make your writing purposeful, with a clear call to action.
  • What purposeful writing looks like
  • Know your audience and plan
  • Call to action
  • This section explains how to choose the correct format and style depending on what you are writing, as well as how to answer questions no one asked and develop a strong content structure.
  • Format and style overview
  • Report writing
  • Persuasive and marketing writing
  • Writing exercise: Sentiment analysis
  • Answering questions no one directly asked
  • More insights on logical content structures
  • Learn how to make your writing concise, using a variety of methods such as bullet points and visuals.
  • Succinct and to the point
  • More on concise language
  • Bullet points and numbered lists
  • Writing exercise: Increasing readability
  • Visuals to support your writing
  • Why good grammar is important
  • Understand more advanced writing tips, such as the right tone to use, how to economize on words and make your writing more conversational.
  • Writing tips overview
  • Tone, power and voice
  • Economy of words
  • Writing exercise: Reducing word count
  • Conversational business writing

Writing evaluation tool

Improve your business writing skills with the evaluation tool, which tests the readability, sentiment, and timings of your text. You simply copy and paste your text into the online tool.

You can use this tool to improve your emails, memos, reports, and any other business documents.

Your writing will be analyzed in the following areas:

  • Readability score
  • Readability issues
  • Sentiment
  • Timings
  • Text statistics
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