Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Character-driven immersive VR learning experience, covering micro-aggressions, allyship, exclusion, and more.

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Course overview

VR experience

CPD accredited

6 VR scenes

Digital certificate


1 hour of learning

Through this experience the learner will:

Observe and recognize micro-aggressions and exclusions based on real experiences

Practice perspective-taking and empathy in an immersive environment through a first-person lens

Reflect on the assumptions and biases they themselves hold - and the impact these may have on others

We encourage a group discussion after working through the experience.

"If you have a brain, you are biased."

The human brain receives a vast amount of information every single second. In order to handle this cognitive load, we rely on heuristics and algorithms that we’ve built up through our life experiences - but this also leaves us all prone to biases and stereotypes.

VirtualSpeech and Rewire Group have designed a character-driven immersive VR learning experience targeted at senior leadership. Our goal is to create an experience that facilitates perspective-taking and drives empathy.

Witnessed from the perspective of working mum, Anushka, you'll be led through 6 different scenarios, from a team meeting to after work drinks where you will feel first-hand the repeated impact of assumptions and biases held by her colleagues.

VirtualSpeech courses have been completed by employees at companies including:

Training Modules

Scene #1: Story time
Scene #2: Intro to you
Scene #3: Teams meeting
Scene #4: 1:1 with your boss
Scene #5: Client meeting
Scene #6: After work drinks


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