The Elevator Pitch

Learn how to create an engaging elevator pitch for yourself, an idea, or your company.

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Course overview


CPD Accredited

AI feedback

Digital certificate

Pitching exercises

45 minutes

Course outcomes

Understand how to deliver a memorable and effective elevator pitch

Learn how to structure the pitch and key elements it should include

Confidence when delivering the pitch through practice in interactive exercises

Identify the proper length of an elevator pitch

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Elevator pitch example

It's important to make a good first impression when you meet with potential mentors, clients, or even friends. In this short course, you’ll learn how to tell others what you do in 30-60 seconds and make a memorable impression on them with a personal elevator pitch.

Maximize your connection in a minimal amount of time, and start making valuable additions to your network, whether at networking events, talking to customers, or getting buy-in from your colleagues.

Elevator pitch exercises

Improve with practice

This course is designed to help you give a more effective and confident elevator pitch in any situation.

For maximum learning, this includes two interactive exercises in which you can practice your elevator pitch in the safety of the virtual world.

Deliver an effective elevator pitch

This blended course is made up of three key parts to accelerate your learning:

Learn online courses

Online classes

Learn fundamental techniques and strategies for delivering an elevator pitch through articles, example videos, and analysis.

Practice in exercises

Pitching practice

After completing the classes, practice your elevator pitch in online exercises, where you can try different techniques out.

Improve with feedback


Every time you use the practice exercise, you'll receive instant feedback on your dialogue through AI. You can also playback your performance for self-evaluation.

Course content

  • This short module explains the course and how the exercises fit in with the online learning content.
  • Course overview
  • Why the elevator pitch is important
  • Benefits of an elevator speech
  • Learn how to structure and deliver your elevator pitch to make sure it's memorable and you build a genuine connection.
  • Making an initial connection
  • Structuring your pitch
  • Making a memorable pitch
  • Practice what you've learned in this fun elevator pitch. You'll practice pitching for up to 30 seconds while getting feedback at the end on how you did.

Practice exercises

How do the elevator pitch exercises work?

Practice your elevator pitch in online exercises that can be accessed directly through your web browser.

There are 2 interactive exercises in this course, which put you inside an elevator for up to 30 seconds.

At the end of each practice session, you'll receive feedback on your performance, including your pace of speaking, use of hesitation words, how confident you sounded, and more.

Elevator pitch 1

Elevator Pitch 1

Elevator pitch 2

Elevator Pitch 2


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