English for Business

Improve your speaking and listening skills for the workplace with online classes and practice exercises.

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Course overview



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Digital certificate

6 practice exercises

4 hours of learning

Course outcomes

Learn to communicate effectively in-person and through video calls

Become confident in a range of workplace situations

Learn how to run meetings, deliver presentations, deal with clients and interact with colleagues

Understand essential business vocabulary and phrases

Practice participating in real-life situations

Perfect your skills with automated feedback on your performance

Practice exercises

Access the practice exercises either online (in your browser) or in virtual reality (if you have a VR headset).

VirtualSpeech courses have been completed by employees at companies including:

Improve English fluency and competence

English is the major language of international business. Ambitious individuals need to increase fluency and competence in order to remain competitive in the workplace and in virtual meetings.

In many jobs, you'll come across a point where you benefit from understanding business-specific English. This course helps you deal with those situations and maximize your career potential.

With our unique combination of online classes and practice exercises, you'll learn how to communicate effectively in the office, as well as on video calls.

Practice makes perfect

A unique feature of this English for Business course is that you get the opportunity to practice everything you've learned. Practice leading a meeting, presenting on video, giving a speech at a conference, and more.

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Who should take this course?

The course is aimed at intermediate to advanced English learners (CEFR levels B1-C2) who want to improve business-specific communication skills for the workplace.

If you're preparing for a conference in English, working with English speaking clients, presenting and holding meetings virtually, or moving country, this course gives you the skills you need to grow.

The easiest way to increase fluency and competence

This course combines online learning with practice exercises for a unique learning approach. At certain points throughout this English for Business course, you'll be prompted to practice what you've learned.

Learn online courses

Learn online, anytime

Complete a series of videos, quizzes, and case studies at your own pace - available to access at any time.

Practice in exercises

Practice exercises

Build your skills and confidence by putting them to the test in practice exercises.

Improve with feedback

Improve with feedback

Receive instant feedback on your performance to help identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Course content

  • Overview of the VirtualSpeech practice exercises and course. We explain how they work and how they help you improve your Business English by letting you practice in realistic environments.
  • Course overview
  • Practice: Test your ability
  • Essential business vocabulary and phrases, covering marketing, finance, internet slang, acronyms, and more. This section also looks at organization structure and confusing workplace phrases.
  • Items and rooms around the office
  • Confusing business phrases
  • Marketing and sales terms
  • Exercise: SWOT analysis
  • Internet lingo and slang terms
  • The language of statistics and finance
  • Organizational structure within a company
  • Business acronyms
  • How to set up your camera, lighting, and microphone to get the most out of your presentations. The importance of eye contact and body language in a virtual presentation, as well as hand gestures, ways to use your voice, and attire.
  • Lighting
  • Microphone and audio quality
  • Camera position and background
  • Eye contact in a virtual environment
  • Body language and posture
  • Practice: Video presentation
  • This section covers essential tips for the networking event, including how to start and exit a conversation, conversation starters, how to enter a group conversion, and more.
  • Introducing yourself or a colleague
  • Politely exiting a conversation
  • Asking insightful questions
  • Conversational tips and talking points
  • Socializing during and after work
  • Learn how to lead meetings and discussions, participate in meetings with useful input, as well as present during the meeting. Practice what you learn in our realistic simulated meeting scenario.
  • Leading meetings and discussions
  • Getting involved in meetings
  • Giving a presentation at a meeting
  • Ending a meeting and action points
  • Practice Prep: Background info for a meeting
  • Practice: Presenting at a meeting
  • Being able to communicate effectively through writing is a valuable skill. We discuss how to write business reports, funding proposals, business emails, and on your organization's social media.
  • Business emails
  • Writing a business report
  • Writing a funding proposal
  • Social media for business
  • Exercise: Startup business plan
  • Learn how to deliver a speech or pitch to an English-speaking audience. We review the different types of audiences, preparing for your speech, and then you'll have a chance to practice in our virtual conference room.
  • 4 types of audience
  • Presentation slide design and content tips
  • Guide to handling nerves
  • Keynote speeches
  • Practice Prep: Keynote speech
  • Practice: Speaking at a conference

Your instructor

Dom is your author and instructor for the English for Business course. He's an entrepreneur, engineer, public speaker, and immersive tech enthusiast with a passion for finding new ways to learn using technology.

Dom previously worked at Jaguar Land Rover before developing the VirtualSpeech e-learning platform, and he now speaks about his experience at events around the world.

Practice exercises

Throughout the course, you'll be prompted to practice your new skills and techniques in one of the following exercises.

Note: These exercises can be completed online (in your browser) or in virtual reality (if you have a VR headset).


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Features in the exercises

The exercises are full of features to give you the most realistic practice and help you quickly improve.

Presentation Slides icon

Presentation slides

Upload your own presentation slides into the exercise so you can practice with the slide deck you'll have on the day.

Voice Analysis icon

Speech analysis

Receive instant feedback on your pace, volume, confidence, use of hesitation words, and more.

Audience distractions icon

Audience distractions

Learn to handle a variety of common distractions, from phones ringing, to coughing, and technical issues.

"The course really helped me improve my English and built up my confidence to speak in meetings and deliver presentations during them."

- Muhammad Antar

"It greatly helped me to prepare for an important business meeting I had last month. I rehearsed several times in the sims and felt much more confident."

- Christian Flecher

"This course helps you build the confidence to get that competitive edge in the workplace. By building skills in a virtual environment that feels exactly like the real thing, you'll be prepared for when the situation actually does occur in the office."

Lucy Brooks - FluentU.com