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Okay, so You just got a job which requires you to sell something everyday. Yet, this is your first sales job and you have had no formal sales training and your future depends upon your ability to sell successfully.

What do you do?

Sign up for the Fast Track Basic Sales Training program and get the information you need to be successful in your job. We cover over twenty-one key sales principles during this face paced workshop and you will benefit from this new information with improved sales results.

It does not matter if you are out-going or an introvert, when you learn the basics of sales from a real sales professional – You will improve your sales results.

Your Self-confidence will improve because you will know what is expected from you as a sales person.

No matter what you are selling, these sales principles are universal and work. They are proven and have a track record of success over the years. The only difference between in the past and now – is it is online for 24/7 training delivery and costs less than attending a workshop in person and having to learn at the speed of the group. Here you are learning at your pace.

So sign up today and invest in yourself as a sales professional. The $57 is less than a good dinner for two at nice restaurant. Plus, after you learn and apply the sales training – you will be able to be more independent.

Get on the Fast Track to Sales Success Today…

Questions and Feedback (6 comments so far)


  1. kelly luke

    Is there a way to get a course outline prior to registering?
    Thank you,

  2. Voss Graham

    Fast Track Basic Sales Training
    Fast Trackers want and need to improve their sales skills, even when feeling their time is limited. Unable or unwilling to give days to their sales skills development, Basic Sales Training Online delivers a Fast Track version for the time sensitive sales person. Providing five sessions of world class sales development in short time lines, this sales  training will give you the basics needed to start your personal sales development process.
    Each part consists of a 10 to 14 minute video which consistently presents the twenty-one points relative to basis sales skills. The video’s supply the content and you supply some time and effort to personalize the information to what you are selling. This process allows for the internalization of the sales skills – providing you with the knowledge and insights for the basic sales skills necessary for sales success.
    Log in and get started today.
    Part One…
    During this short video, you will learn about…

      •    Introduction to Importance of Sales Training
      •    Old vs New Model of Selling
      •    Relationship Selling?
      •    Becoming Brilliant on the Basics?
      •    Personal Motivation                                
      •   Presentation Skills?
      •    Personal Management                            
      •   Answering Objections
      •    Product Knowledge                                  
      •   Asking for Action
      •    Prospecting                                                
      •   Follow-up?
      •   Qualifying / identifying Needs                 
      •   Getting Referrals?
      •   Coefficient of Sales Effectiveness

    Part Two…
    During this short video, you will learn about

      •    How to Stay Motivated – Personal Motivation Tips?
      •    Personal Management Skills – The Inner Game?
      •    Personal Management Skills – The Outer Game?
      •    Product Knowledge – Key to Confidence

    Part Three…
    During this short video, you will learn about

      •    Analyzing Your Competition?
      •    Developing Competitive Advantages?
      •    Setting Sales Strategies?
      •    Prospecting for Customers?
      •    Qualifying Your Prospects

    Part Four…
    During this short video, you will learn about

    •    Friendship Factor?
    •   Three keys to persuasion?
    •    How to make an Effective Presentation?
    •    The power of Suggestion in Selling?
    •    Establishing Mega Credibility

    Part Five…
    During this short video, you will learn about

    • Handling Objections from customers
    • Asking for Action – the Art of Closing the Sales
    • The importance of Follow-up
    • Asking for Referrals
    • The 80/20 Rule
    • Committing to Excellence – Being the Best

  3. Hi,
    I am very close to start producing my first 2 models of shoes (by mid-March) made in Montrose, CO and I realized that I actually have hard time to describe and sell my shoes directly to people and I can afford a sales person right now.
    Will this online course help me describe and sell my shoes better?

    Olie M.

  4. Voss Graham

    Checked out your website – excellent site and love the concept in running shoes. You should be quite successful in this market.
    And, yes – The Fast Track Basic Sales Training is designed to get you the quick start in knowing how to sell well. This will give you the basic knowledge to sell to individuals. If you begin to sell to other businesses, then you would want to use the B2B Basic Sales Training to learn how to sell effectively to other businesses.
    I encourage you to get started – the reason? All business starts with sales. You can make all the great shoes in the world, yet nothing happens until they buy a pair shoes from you rather than a competitor.

  5. rob carter

    is it possible to get a course outline before regostering, and is ther printable material included in the course?

  6. Voss Graham

    The Table of Contents for your review…
    Basic Sales Course is a six week course designed for the sales person to take the process and go deep with each module. Answering the questions in the pdf provided participant work book, to internalize the material to their specific product / service and their customer base. Each week the participant receives five modules or video along with a participant work material to use while watching the videos.
    Week One…

    ? Introduction to Selling
    ? Keys to Psychological Selling
    ? Unlocking Your Sales Potential
    ? Your Formula for Building Self-Esteem for Sales
    ? The New Model of Selling

    Week Two…

    ? Building Trust with Customers
    ? Seven Secrets of Persuasion
    ? Why People Buy
    ? How to Qualify Your Prospects
    ? Using the Power of Suggestion in Selling

    Week Three…

    ? Developing Mega-Credibility in Selling
    ? Creative Selling Techniques
    ? Powerful Telephone Techniques
    ? How to Approach Your Prospect
    ? The 1000% Formula for Income Building

    Week Four…

    ? Mental Preparation for Selling
    ? Buyer Personality Types
    ? Sales Presentation Skills
    ? How To Handle Objections
    ? Recognizing Nine Types of Objections

    Week Five…

    ? Closing Requirements and Signals
    ? Dealing with Price Resistance
    ? Handling Money and Price Objections
    ? Overcoming Obstacles to Closing
    ? Seven Key Closing Techniques & Developing Referrals

    Week Six…

    ? How to Set and Achieve Sales Goals
    ? Maximizing Selling Time
    ? Turning Time into Money
    ? Going for the Gold
    ? Ten Keys to Success in Selling

    The key for adult learning is to avoid overloading the individual with too many options as they go through the learning process. The weekly delivery of new material allows for solid learning and retention of the material. This is a proven system which has provided excellent results for the sales person.
    Take action and sign up for six weeks of new learning and several months of video review. Get started today.