Job Interview Practice

Practice mock questions in a job interview simulator, with 100s of competency and company-based questions.


Rehearsing for a job interview can dramatically improve your chances of success. With practice, you can better understand how to answer common questions, behave in the interview, deliver the right level of eye contact, and more.

This job interview simulator will fully prepare you for any upcoming interviews. Practice answering over 300 questions that have been asked at real interviews in the past.

The main types of questions in these mock interviews:

  • Company-specific questions - questions specific to companies such as Google, Apple, Deloitte, McKinsey, and more.
  • Competency-based questions - questions around teamwork, communication, problem-solving, leadership, and more.
  • Managerial questions - questions about management and leadership.

The simulator will prepare you in several ways:

  • You'll practice answering common interview questions
  • Your responses with be analyzed, and feedback given to you
  • You'll watch 180-degree videos on what not to do in an interview
  • You'll practice a presentation in front of the interview panel

Accessing the simulator

The job interview simulator can be accessed from your VR headset.

Virtual Reality


General interview questions in VR

Competency-based questions

Company interview questions in VR

Company-specific questions

Interview scenarios to watch in VR

Watch what NOT to do

Interview Presentation

Interview presentation

Mock interview questions

Core and managerial questions

Topics covered

Job Interviews Communication Skills Competency Questions Company Questions

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