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Fast Track Basic Sales Training

Fast Trackers want and need to improve their sales skills, even when feeling their time is limited. Unable or unwilling to give days to their sales skills development, Basic Sales Training Online delivers a Fast Track version for the time sensitive sales person. Providing five sessions of world class sales development in short time lines, this sales  training will give you the basics needed to start your personal sales development process.

Each part consists of a 10 to 14 minute video which consistently presents the twenty-one points relative to basis sales skills. The video’s supply the content and you supply some time and effort to personalize the information to what you are selling. This process allows for the internalization of the sales skills – providing you with the knowledge and insights for the basic sales skills necessary for sales success.

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This is the FIRST section for this sales training and one of the most important. Open this page first and download the PDF documents which contain your Participant Guide and Questions to internalize the sales training being provided to you. Enjoy the Journey.

During this short video, you will learn about… Introduction to Importance of Sales Training?; Old vs New Model of Selling?; Relationship Selling; Becoming Brilliant on the Basics; and the Coefficient of Sales Effectivenes.

During this short video, you will learn about… How to Stay Motivated - Personal Motivation Tips; Personal Management Skills - The Inner Game; Personal Management Skills - The Outer Game; and Product Knowledge - the Key to Confidence.

Get an edge on the competition using the information in this video session. Cover how to analyze your competition; how to develop your personal sales strategies; the basics of prospecting for new customers; and finally, how to qualify your prospects the right way.

In this video session you will learn the following basic selling tactics. The importance of the Friendship Factor in sales success; How to use the three keys to persuasion in selling; How to structure an Effective Presentation; How to use the Power of Suggestion in selling; and finally how to establish Mega-Credibility in your Sales Success.

The Fifth and Final Session is packed with sales success methods. How to Handle Objections is very important to your sales success; Followed by the techniques used to close the sale; Why is follow up so important to long term success; The importance of Referrals and how to ask for referrals; the 80/20 Rule and its impact upon your sales success; And, finally the keys to being the best you can be for Sales Success.