An Introduction

Selling in today’s market requires a totally different game plan than it did just a few years ago. To be amount the top five or ten percent of this country’s salespeople, a salesperson must thoroughly understand and professionally apply the rules of two games: the outer game of selling – the key technical professional skills to make more sales, and make them faster and
easier than ever before – and the inner game of selling – the mental laws ~at affect one’s thought processes and thus significantly affect sales and mcome.

Professional Selling Skills -The New Psychology of Selling is a program designed to give the serious salesperson the guidance needed in learning and applying the rules of both the inner and the outer games of selling. Many sales programs on the market provide specific guidance in one area while neglecting guidance in the other, leaving a salesperson virtually unprepared.
Consequently, the purpose of this program is to provide the guidance needed in both important areas.

Selling successfully requires performing many vital functions, some of which concern the mental laws that must be applied within the salesperson’s mind and some of which concern the skills a salesperson must apply in the actual performance of his or her job. The 35 modules of The New Psychology of Selling have been designed to give a balanced approach to the performance of these functions. A salesperson who takes this program and faithfully applies what is taught will increase his or her sales potential beyond expectation, perhaps even becoming one of those privileged few in the top 10% or 20% of this country’s sales force.

Why should you as a salesperson aspire to be in the top 10 or 20 percent of the salespeople in this country? Those in the top 20% enjoy significant benefits from being among those at the top. They are always in demand in the marketplace, thus they always have a job. They earn excellent livings – the average of those in the top 20% is 16 times the average of those in the lower 80%! And perhaps of most importance, they enjoy the feelings that come from being successful and being the BEST. That is what this program is all about – guiding the serious salesperson toward being the BEST in the field.

The Participant’s Guide – Its Purpose and Use …

In addition to the program’s leader, your guide throughout The New Psychology of Selling will be this Participant’s Guide. It will lead you through the program’s material and give you ample room to write notes that you will want for future reference.

The Guide’s primary function is to provide you with a guide that will serve you well both now throughout this program and after the program as well. A lot of valuable material will be covered and it will be hard to digest and implement everything suggested at once. By providing you with a guide which you will essentially create yourself, you will have a valuable reference
that will assist you well in the years to come.

Many studies have shown that we only remember, at most, 25% of what we hear two days after we hear it! Astounding, isn’t it? What seems to in- crease our retention, however, is active involvement and participation. In this program there will be question and answer sessions reviewing the material covered in video presentations, there will be discussions and brainstorming sessions, and there will be pair activities, all designed to increase your retention and facilitate your application of the materiaL For you to gain the full benefit of this program, you must actively participate.

On page 5 of this guide is a Training Progress Chart. It lists all of the modules and provides spaces for dates on which you covered the materiaL Because the program has been designed to be used again and again, you may be jotting down more than one date for each module. The purpose of the chart is to give you a point of reference so that you will know what material you have covered and when. Should you miss a meeting and a module that was covered, it will be readily apparent and you can request an opportunity to cover the material at some convenient time.

Welcome to Professional Selling Skills – The New Psychology of Selling!
The opportunity to increase your sales potential has never been greater!