TV, Radio, or Podcast Interview

Practice your TV, radio, or podcast interview for media appearances.


As a spokesperson or business leader, you may be interviewed on TV, radio, or for a podcast for various reasons, from talking about your company's financials, to a mergers and acquisitions deal, to a company crisis.

In this exercise, you can practice answering questions on a range of topics:

  • New product launch
  • Company crisis
  • Mergers and aquisitions
  • Company financials
  • New leadership position
  • Custom questions (load in your own questions to practice with)

You'll then receive feedback on your performance on areas such as eye contact, pace of speaking, and how easy you were to listen to.


The TV and radio exercises can be accessed from your web browser, no installation or download is required. You can also access the scenarios from virtual reality, if you have a VR headset.

PC / Laptop Virtual Reality


TV and radio interview practice

Topics covered

Answering Questions Active Listening Media Training Spokesperson Training

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