Accurately pinpoint skills

A unique, objective, and systematic method for measuring workplace skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership, and more.

Soft skill assessment overview
Skills practiced in VR

Measure what your team are practicing

  • Leverage the VirtualSpeech catalog of practice exercises to assess specific professional development skills.
  • Using proprietary algorithms, AI, and sentiment analysis, see how performance in VirtualSpeech relates to real life soft skills like communication, active listening, storytelling, and leadership.

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VirtualSpeech course catalogue

Identify strengths and weaknesses

  • Skills Assessment combines analysis across 10 key workplace skills so you can easily pinpoint strengths and weaknesses for individuals and teams.
  • View which skills are being practiced the most, and where possible skills gaps are.
Track progress and completion

Data-driven approach to learning

Workplace Skills Assessment enables a data-driven approach to learning and skills management and will come as standard with all Individual, Enterprise, and Educational dashboards.

Avatars in VR

Accelerate skill growth

  • Assign practice exercises to team members based on their skills report and help them improve 4x faster with practice exercises
  • Choose from a range of blended exercises based on gaps in performance to build a personalized learning plan, including presentation skills, sales pitching, networking, and leadership communication

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