Stretching at your Desk

Take care of yourself during working hours with a short break to improve your posture, reduce stress and avoid discomfort.

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Course overview



8 exercises

Digital certificate

Desk stretches

20 minutes

Course outcomes

Learn simple exercises you can do at your desk to transform your day in just 20 minutes

Discover exercises that improve your posture at work and increase blood flow

Reduce discomfort and strengthen your key muscles and joints

Feel stronger and more energetic throughout the day

Stretching exercises at your desk

In today's fast-paced world, we often focus on how to increase our productivity and be as efficient as possible during the working day. However, this can cause us to sacrifice the time our body and brain need to rest and reconnect.

Numerous studies have shown how a healthy working environment helps us regain focus, increase productivity and prevent burnout.

In this course, you'll learn a series of short exercises that promote your physical and mental wellbeing. You can do these exercises from the comfort of your desk - get the benefits of yoga without committing a large amount of time.

From stretching exercises to relaxation techniques and mindfulness exercises, this short course will help you explore a new way of completing your workday.

Your instructor

Stephany Oliveros

Stephany Oliveros

Stephany is a trained psychologist and yoga instructor with experience in stress management. She has worked on projects in HR for international companies to improve employee well-being throughout their organizations.

She now works as part of the VirtualSpeech team as a consultant for wellness courses. She believes that stress characterizes us as individuals and can lead to hostile working environments and psychological issues if left unaddressed. Her aim is to raise awareness for this and help people prioritize their mental health.

Course content

  • Stretching exercises you can do at your desk to reduce stress, improve posture and avoid discomfort during working hours.
  • Welcome
  • Exercise 1: Spinal movement using your chair
  • Exercise 2: Your neck and your computer
  • Exercise 3: Yoga principles at your desk
  • Exercise 4: Resting your eyes
  • Exercise 5: Don't forget your legs
  • Exercise 6: Improving posture and stretching for back pain
  • Exercise 7: Reducing facial stress
  • Exercise 8: Mindfulness to reduce stress