Ace your Video Interview

Learn how to ace your video-based interview with best practices and mock interview exercises.

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Course overview



31 online lessons

Digital certificate

2 practice exercises

2 hours of learning

Course outcomes

Know what hiring managers are looking for and how to answer common questions

Optimize your answers to competency questions through storytelling

Build authentic relationships with hiring managers with effective verbal and non-verbal communication

Enhance your answers to unexpected questions with proven methodologies

Easily identify areas for improvement via mock video interview exercises with instant feedback

Increase your confidence in your ability to land your next job

Be prepared for your online interview and increase your chance of success

Be fully prepared for your interview

The way we interview for jobs is changing. Many interviews are now conducted over video which requires a unique set of skills compared to in-person interviews.

The difference between successfully landing your next job or not could come down to how well you connect with hiring managers and how effectively you can show your capabilities online.

This self-paced, online course is here to help you excel and present your best self. We’ll guide you through with inside tips, videos, examples, and real questions that have been asked at top companies. You’ll learn what hiring managers are looking for, how to set up your tech for maximum impact online, and how to answer tough questions.

This Video Interview course will improve your confidence and allow you to become more comfortable with video-based interviews through virtual interview exercises.

Practice makes perfect

Practice anytime, anywhere for your interview and increase your chances of success. The practice exercises mimic video-conferencing tools such as Zoom and Teams, with real-life interview questions and automated feedback.

Practice answering both competency-based and company-specific questions in the mock interview. Receive feedback on how the managers are likely to have perceived you and self-evaluate your performance with video playback.

To make sure you're thoroughly prepared, you can practice in the exercises as many times as you like.

The easiest route to job interview success

People learn best through experience and by combining online learning with practice exercises, you'll be able to quickly improve your skills and confidence.

Learn online courses

Learn online, anytime

Start learning now from mobile or desktop. Finish the course in 2 hours today or take it at your own pace.

Practice exercises

Practice exercises

Build your skills and confidence by putting them to the test in interactive exercises.

Improve with feedback

Improve with feedback

Receive instant feedback on your performance to help identify your strengths and areas to improve.

Reduce nerves through practice

The practice exercises have increased 95% of our students' confidence for a video-based job interview. Join them and ensure you answer your questions clearly and confidently too.

Course content

  • Overview of the exercises and course. We explain how the exercises work and help you improve your interview skills by answering questions in a realistic environment.
  • Course overview
  • About the practice exercises
  • Essential topics to understand before an interview, including the purpose of it, reasons people don’t perform well, how to structure your answers, and dealing with interview nerves.
  • Purpose of a job interview
  • What the interviewer is looking for
  • Example: Show enthusiasm
  • 10 reasons why people don't perform well
  • Structuring answers with the STAR technique
  • Competency questions are almost certain to be asked during your interview. Learn how to prepare for and answer the most common questions.
  • Example: Connecting with stories
  • Common interview questions and answers
  • Practice: Answering competency-based questions
  • Common questions summary
  • Example: Cambridge law mock interview
  • How to set up your camera, lighting, and microphone to get the most out of your interviews. Testing your equipment to make sure everything works.
  • Example: Set-up
  • Lighting
  • Microphone and audio quality
  • Camera position and background
  • The importance of eye contact and body language in a virtual interview, as well as hand gestures, ways to use your voice, and attire.
  • Importance of first impressions
  • Eye contact in a virtual environment
  • Using hand gestures
  • Body language and posture
  • Using your voice to ensure clarity and attention
  • What to wear
  • This section gives you a chance to practice answering real company interview questions in an immersive exercise. Questions are taken from Google, Facebook, DreamWorks, and more.
  • What you must know about the company
  • Practice: Answering company specific questions
  • Resources for company interview questions
  • Example: Answering tough specific questions
  • Additional information you might need for the interview, including details of what not to do, a list of questions they cannot ask you, and preparation the day before the interview.
  • Details of what not to do
  • Questions they cannot ask, with examples
  • The day before the interview
  • There is still work to do once the interview is over. Understand how to write and send thank-you notes to your interviewers, as well as what to do when you don’t manage to get the job.
  • Writing and sending thank you notes
  • Falling at the last hurdle

Practice exercises

Practice your new skills and techniques with interactive exercises. Accessible straight from your internet browser - no additional downloads required. Practice in these exercises as often as you like.

Features included in the exercises

The exercises are full of features to give you realistic interview practice and help you improve quickly.

Online interview icon

Interview questions

Practice answering a range of questions, including competency and company-specific ones to make sure you're fully prepared.

Speech analysis icon

Speech analysis

Receive instant feedback on your interview skills, including pace, volume, confidence, hesitation words, and more.

Record the interview icon

Record the interview

Save your video and audio recordings so that you can review them and learn where you need to improve.


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"This course really helped me prepare for my video interviews. By watching myself back and seeing the feedback of my interview, I made some huge improvements and now I've made it to the final stage interview for my dream job! Fingers crossed!"

Maria Cabrera