Elevator Pitch Practice

Practice delivering an elevator pitch in an online practice exercise that looks and feels like you are in an elevator. Receive feedback on your performance.


Deliver a short 30-second elevator pitch in one of two virtual elevator environments.

Receive detailed automated feedback on your elevator pitch, including on your pace, pitch, listenability, and more, helping you to identify areas your need to improve.


  • Practice your 30-second pitch in a virtual elevator
  • Feedback on your performance so you can identify areas that need improving
  • Answer 3 AI-generated questions on your pitch based on what you said
  • Audio of the practice session is recorded so that you can listen back and self-evaluate your performance


The elevator pitch exercises can be accessed from your web browser, no installation or download is required. You can also access the scenarios from virtual reality, if you have a VR headset.

PC / Laptop Virtual Reality


Corporate Elevator Pitch

Corporate Elevator

Hotel Elevator Pitch

Hotel Elevator

Topics covered

Elevator Pitch Sales Pitch Concise Communication

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