Practice Impromptu Storytelling

Practice telling a story with plot twists along the way.


At some point during your professional life, you may be called upon to speak about a topic without preparation. If you can do this, while telling a story, you'll keep the attention of the audience and make what you say more memorable.

In this exercise, you'll practice your impromptu storytelling by talking about a given topic and incorporating new words into the story as you go.

How the exercise works:

  • We'll give you a topic to speak about
  • Prompts will pop up on the screen
  • Incorporate them into your story
  • Score a point for every prompt you include in your story


The Impromptu Storytelling exercises can be accessed from your web browser, no installation or download is required.

PC / Laptop


Table topics exercise

Topics covered

Impromptu Speaking Storytelling Quick Thinking Improv

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